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eCurv, Inc

A startup company which is reinventing Electricity Demand Management, eCurv delivers cloud-based dynamic management of electrical loads, such as heating and air conditioning units, across thousands of the sites of major companies in the telecommunications and retail sectors, significantly reducing their peak electricity demand charges. During the first four years of operation, Riverscape designed, implemented, and operated eCurv's cloud-based systems, and functioned as eCurv's CTO, hiring the initial technical team.

Riverscape implemented the HBase and Hadoop-based SaaS provided by this leader in the new domain of "social listening". The system helps non-profit organizations and commercial companies develop social profiles of their members and customers, allowing's clients to understand and engage their advocates and other influencers. Daily,'s cloud-based system filters the social media posts of tens of millions of contacts and maintains for data mining and analysis a database of billions of social media documents.

Fission Strategy

Fission Strategy provides its clients, most of which are non-profit organizations and foundations, with grassroots event planning services, online campaigns, social media mapping and outreach, and, last but not least, website design and development. Riverscape has assisted Fission with the development of numerous Wordpress- and CodeIgniter-backed sites, such as aspects of Many of these involve integration with Twitter, Facebook, Salsa, and ActionKit.

Lessac Technologies

Lessac is a startup company working on technologies for more natural and prosodic computer-synthesized speech. Target markets include Interactive Voice Response and Audio Books. For the past several years, Riverscape has been responsible for Lessac's software architecture, and helped Lessac integrate its speech engine with Interactive Voice Response platforms, including VoiceXML and Asterisk. The software environment is complex, incorporating C++, Java, Javascript, Festival, Scheme, Octave/Matlab, and Prolog. Among Riverscape's contributions to the Lessac product suite is a Javascript-based VoiceXML interpreter.

Hunt and Gather

Hunt and Gather is an exceptionally talented web design house, based in Boston. Riverscape has assisted H&G in the development of CakePHP-based content management systems to back several of the sites implemented by H&G, including itself.

U.S. Chess Federation

Riverscape is pleased to be able to do pro bono projects from time to time. One such project involved implementing custom phpBB3 and Joomla templates and modules for the web site of the US Chess Federation. We also helped polish the graphical look of the site.

We were brought on board by to assist them in monetizing the site and to enhance the photo sharing, critiquing, and other social media and networking features. Over the course of the four-year project, during which Riverscape was responsible for all site operations and software development, we increased the traffic and site revenue (subscriptions and advertising sales) by an order of magnitude, making the leading social networking web site for photographers, with over 3.5 million unique visitors and 60 million page views per month. Not long after the completion of our assignment, the owners sold the site to NameMedia, Inc.


The Amicas Picture Archiving and Control System (PACS) system, which Riverscape helped to develop in the early 2000's, was one of the first Web-based PACS systems, and is still the only comprehensive end-to-end suite of radiology software solutions based on web technologies. Using Java and JNI (Java Native Interface) Riverscape developed the full-featured web browser-based radiology workstation that was the signature feature of the system. Amicas, a startup when it was Riverscape's client, is now part of Merge Healthcare.


When the Riverscape team began working with e-Travel, it was a startup company of five people, with an office in the attic of the Concord, Massachusetts train station. A few years later, e-Travel had been acquired by Oracle, and was celebrated in the travel industry as the first developer of a web-based solution for corporate travel, providing business travellers with the ability to self-book flights, hotels, and rental cars, while complying with corporate travel policy. The system interfaced to the SABRE, Worldspan, Apollo, and Amadeus reservation systems. Brian Mottershead and Cindy Mottershead were responsible for engineering all aspects of the product, except for the first version of the database and the interface to the reservation systems. Later, Riverscape redesigned and reimplemented those as well, for greater performance. e-Travel is now part of Amadeus.

Client logos are used as an aid to recognition and do not signify affiliation with, or endorsement of, Riverscape Software